Exit Survey
You have reached the survey page designed to receive comments, additions, deletions, and/or suggested modifications of the draft Leasing/Rents and Fees Policy for the San Carlos Airport and Half Moon Bay Airport (Airports).
The Leasing/Rents and Fees Policy is a component of the Primary Management Compliance Documents (PMCDs) being developed for the Airports. The PMCDs under development are comprised of Rules and Regulations, Minimum Standards, and Leasing/Rents and Fees Policy.
Leasing/Rents and Fees Policy
The Leasing/Rents and Fees Policy sets forth the parameters for leasing airport land and/or improvements for aviation purposes and outlines the process for establishing and adjusting aviation rents and fees at the Airports. The purpose of the policy is to convey the San Mateo County's aviation leasing (and rents and fees) practices.
To review the Draft Leasing/Rents and Fees Policy while taking the survey, please right click on the following link and open it into a new tab or window: 
1. It is recommended that you scroll through the document before commencing the survey to get a general feel as to its layout and content.
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The draft PMCDs will be available for public review and comment beginning Monday, March 2, 2018 until Friday, April 6, 2018.
Your comments are a very important element in the process and will be thoughtfully considered during the development of the final document.
Thank you for your time and interest in participating in this survey.